How can I import an already completed or partially completed assessment? 

Answered an assessment by hand or on another platform? We'll take them! Even if they're not complete!


Just like converting an assessment as a template, you will follow the same procedure as Converting a Template.

The only difference now is to include the Answer column in the xls.

Once the assessment is in our format:

  1. Log in to the platform at
  2. Go to Inbound Assessment
  3. Click "Import Inbound Assessment"
  4. Name the assessment as you wish, such as "Inbound Vendor Risk Assessment"
  5. Set a due date
  6. Select the file you just created
  7. Click Import

The system will do the rest! If there are any issues with the import, you will be notified, and you can either fix and attempt the import again, or click the option to receive help on the conversion and a member of our team will help you out!