Revolutionizing the
assessment process

Until now, the process of assessing the risks of your organization, employees, and vendors has been a never-ending spreadsheet, and communications nightmare. JustProtect changes all that. We’re getting the right questions, to the right people at the start, and confirming the data on multiple levels. So you can produce reports in hours, instead of weeks. JustProtect’s continual assessment platform allows you to focus on the gaps, instead of the drama trying to identify them.


Go from chaos to organization, no more wondering where your data came from. With JustProtect’s platform, it’s easy to see who answered the questions, and when, helping your organization ensure accountability and accuracy of data.


With the right questions going to the right person, no more scheduling meetings and trading spreadsheets back and forth. Rather than scrambling to meet the requirements when your vendor, partner, or regulator asks, you can provide your assessment in the time it takes you to click print.


With JustProtect, your organization’s data can be found in one place. Allowing you to quickly pull the data necessary to easily communicate your compliance concerns/needs with your key stakeholders.

Assessment requirements
are ever increasing

By 2020, to avoid fines averaging $1.17 billion, it is estimated that enterprises must address over 300 million pages of regulatory documents, dedicating 10-15% of their workforce, and spending 5.8% of revenue to meet these compliance requirements. Assessments are the key to showing you have done your due diligence to protect yourself.


Provide the necessary contact information for those designated as the responsible party for the area(s) they can speak to, and let the JustProtect platform do the rest. Emailing notification, providing the relevant questions for them to answer, and once all areas are complete, providing you with a point-in-time report. So you get the data you need, to make the decisions you need, to protect your organization.


Provide the necessary contact and business information of your vendor, and let the JustProtect platform do the rest. Emailing notification, assessing in the same way that your organization is, and providing their point-in-time assessment report to you, once they release it. So you get the data you need, to make the decision that is best for your organization.


Nix the overpriced consultants, and use JustProtect. Reduce the costs and effort currently used to complete the assessment process, so your team can focus on being the best, by doing what they do best.

We’ve got you covered in
the platform

Organized, efficient, and simple –JustProtect keeps all your information in one place, not only your organizational assessments, but those of your vendors, and your employees, so you can access what you need, when you need it.


We break the assessment of your organization down even further, allowing you to analyze potential weaknesses and discrepancies, in key areas, at multiple levels. Our assessments can cover your organization at an organizational, management, and staff level, as well as your vendors. Making it easy to see what needs your focus, to make better decisions for your organization.


With questions that can be answered in 15-20 seconds, and easy to understand snapshot reporting showing who answered, the point in time it came from, the standards measured against, and any gaps you may have, your organization can quickly act to correct any problems.


Half the battle of fixing a problem, is getting others to understand it. Our simple reporting snapshot will help you clearly identify the problem areas in your organization, so your key stakeholders can understand, and take the appropriate actions.

After the recession, banks in the US alone have shelled out more than $160 billion as fines, penalties, and settlements for non-compliance. New regulations are forcing organizations to assess their vendors to be compliant.

The average enterprise deals with thousands of vendors, and constantly changing regulations, which currently means:

  • The costs of consulting are astronomical.

    It can take an experienced consultant ∼120 hours, at a rate of $150 an hour, per vendor, to complete an assessment. Meaning $18,000 per assessed vendor! With JustProtect, our subscription plans start as low as $199 a month.

  • Time = Money, and organizations don’t have enough of either.

    Spreadsheets are emailed between enterprises and their vendors, and can take up to 24 weeks to be completed. With JustProtect, no more assessments via spreadsheets, no more months of back and forth!

  • Is the right person even providing the information?

    Working with all types and sizes of business, has shown us that the person answering the assessment questions, is often, not the person responsible for handling the subject matter. Meaning your organization could be relying on faulty data, which puts you at risk. JustProtect changes all that, by identifying the parties responsible, and requiring them to accept their responsibilities, at the start.

The icing on the cake: it was a better user experience than any of the other players in the space.  

- Enterprise Client


We understand that you have questions, especially if you are on deadline, you need answers. Our Customer Success Superstars are ready, willing, and able to provide support via email, or messaging. We’ve got your back, regardless of what plan you are using.


When it comes to Cybersecurity, we don’t mess around, we’re like ninjas, but better. We keep your information locked down tighter than Fort Knox. We never share or disclose any of your data with third-parties without your permission. Relax, the team at JustProtect has got this.

Nobody does it like we do

That’s what our customers tell us, anyway. If you haven’t yet discovered the secret compliance assessment weapon that is JustProtect, we understand that you might want to check us out. Compare our simple, efficient, flexible, affordable compliance assessment solution against the expensive, complicated, stagnant offerings of others, for free.

Your mission? Don’t become the next billion-dollar fine headline.
Your secret weapon? JustProtect.

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